EP 113: Overcoming Our Money Blocks: A Reading with Rachel

May 31, 2022

Money is such a hot button issue for so many people.  We worry about not having enough, or spending too much.  We focus on acquiring money and possessions, rather than on aligning with the natural flow of joy and abundance.  In this episode, our guest, Rachel joins us for guidance on how to address her money “blocks.”  Tune in to see what came through! 

Key takeaways:

  • The difference between material wealth and abundance.
  • How our early life experiences can set the stage for our future experiences with and beliefs about money.
  • How we can expand our comfort zone by gradually stretching in small and comfortable increments.
  • How to avoid passing our limiting beliefs onto our kids
  • Why it’s best to focus our attention on expanding our areas of strength rather than fixing our perceived weaknesses. 
  • When we tune into what we already have and express gratitude, we tend to attract more. 

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