EP 111: Spiritual Teachings and the Mind

May 17, 2022

If you are drawn to this show, you are probably fascinated by all things spiritual, and hungry to learn whatever you can that will help support your own spiritual development.  In this episode, we focus on the role of the mind in spiritual teachings, and how spiritual development is often less about what we know in our minds, and more about shifts in the way we experience our lives.  

Episode highlights:

  • There is a difference between understanding concepts and living them.  Oftentimes we can understand something conceptually before we can fully experience them in our daily lives. 
  • We often try to do the work of spiritual development in our heads, but true spiritual growth is experienced and embodied, not simply understood with the mind. 
  • It often helps to listen to spiritual teachings with a “soft mind,” allowing the words and ideas to filter in, without hanging on every word, or struggling to “understand.”
  • True spiritual teachings awaken a deep knowing within you.

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