EP 106: Life Is Your Mirror

Apr 12, 2022

The Law of Attraction teaches us that everything is energy, and that we attract into our lives that which matches our current vibration.   When understood in this way, our life becomes a mirror for our inner state of being, showing us where our soul is still longing to grow and expand, and our lives become the perfect vehicle for our own personal growth and development. 

  • We attract experiences and things into our lives which match our energetic vibration.  In this way, the events and experiences in our lives give us feedback about our internal state. 
  • We are all complex beings, sending out a variety of energetic messages that may be reflected back to us in the form of our “external” experiences.  
  • It is important to treat yourself and the experience in life without judgment.  It is not “your fault” when “bad” things happen.  You are simply in the process of becoming more conscious in the way that you co-create your life. 
  • From the soul’s perspective, there is no judgment, only an array of possible choices and experiences. 
  • Every step you take in life is golden.  The goal is to keep moving forward with joy, love, inspiration and awareness.
  • When we understand how life works, we become a powerful co-creator of life.
  • Healing and growth is about recalibrating your human self with your higher self.

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