EP 104: Freedom from Overwhelm featuring Glenda Lane

Mar 29, 2022

We live in a world that emphasizes doing and achieving above all else and promises happiness only when we have worked hard enough to earn it.  The result for many of us is burnout.  That was the story of this week’s guest, Glenda Lane, who experienced burnout after the death of her mother.  

Today, Glenda teaches energy drained, people-pleasing, high-achieving women who are struggling with balancing all their responsibilities, that there is another way with more ease and spaciousness that doesn’t cost their health and well-being. She has combined 30 years as a physical therapist and 10 years as an intuitive soul guide, merging science and spirituality to help women tap into their innate body wisdom, remember who they really are, and make choices that are aligned with their true nature.   

Episode Highlights: 

  • We often teach what we need to learn.  Both Glenda and I share how that has been our experience. 
  • As a society, we have been operating in a distorted masculine paradigm of hyperdrive and “go, go, go.” For many of us achievement comes at a cost to our health and wellbeing. 
  • We discuss the difference between acting from fear and acting from love. 
  • The hormones that occur during fight or flight, can become additive to our bodies.  This is not sustainable and causes burnout.
  • Our bodies are the messengers of our souls and they speak to us through physical sensation, dysfunction, disease, and emotions.  
  • We discuss the importance of sitting with our emotions, feeling them completely without judging them. 
  • Glenda shares her experiences channeling light language. 

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