EP 100: Living of Love

Mar 1, 2022

This episode is all about celebration!  Celebrating our 100th episode and celebrating the magic of life.  The topic was inspired by one of my favorite songs, Living of Love, by the Avett Brothers.  The first time I heard that song, I could not imagine anything more beautiful than living our lives from the energy of love.  In this episode we discuss the difference between living of love and living in ego, and how we can learn to embrace and express the energy of love in all that we do. 


  • Most people on the planet right now, live mostly from their egoic minds, and have become disconnected from the wisdom and love of their souls. 
  • Earth is in a time of transition where we are moving from living in fear, scarcity, and ego towards living of love. 
  • Living in love means that we listen to and follow our intuition, rather than our small minds
  • Scarcity thoughts are a sign that we are still living in ego
  • We all have infinite potential.
  • Living in alignment with our soul means asking ourselves everyday ‘what is the loving choice here?’
  • You bring your unique personality to earth for a reason.
  • Following our curiosity and joy is listening to our soul.
  • The more we can show ourselves love as we are in this moment of time and honor our divine nature, the more we experience joy and live in alignment with our highest selves.
  • You are a spark of the divine.

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