EP1: Awakening Your Inner Wisdom

Mar 20, 2020

In this episode we focus on our namesake topic, intuition. Developing my intuition has been an absolute game changer in my life and it can be the same for you! This episode explains what intuition is and what it is not, the different ways in which we can experience our intuition, as well as some common misconceptions about our intuitive knowing. Most importantly, this episode addresses how we can use our inner wisdom to enhance all aspects of our lives. 

Some of the key points: 

  • Intuition is your spiritual GPS and the connection to your higher self.
  • Intuition is different from your thinking mind: we are born with our intuitive knowing, but the mind is something that is developed through our social conditioning and human development. 
  • Everybody is intuitive, because we are all spiritual beings in human form.
  • Our intuition is working all the time; we are just not always paying attention. Our intuition works best when we are aware of, and open to it.
  • Intuition presents itself in many ways, and is often very subtle. 
  • The key to connecting with your inner wisdom is to still the mind. A busy mind will block your intuition. 
  • Intuition can help us find meaning and purpose in our life’s struggles and know how to navigate any challenges that arise with more ease and grace. 
  • Tapping into your intuition is an important step in your own spiritual awakening. The more you connect with your inner wisdom the more you will be guided to move forward on the path that your soul intended for you. 


One of my favorite books on developing your intuition is Awakening your Intuition by Shakti Gawain. 

You can also check out Activating Your Intuition, my new online, self-paced course for tapping into your intuitive knowing.

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