Those of you who have walked many lifetimes in physical bodies on earth, will notice elements of this collective experience that are resonating with you.  All the seeds of life have been planted.  And now the strings of energy and enlightenment play upon each other in a beautiful, but tangled web.  It is up to you to release the truth from the madness and to find your way through the darkness to true inner peace.  Life has a way of choosing exactly the experiences we need to help us to learn and grow.  

Earth is taking part in a collective growth spurt right now, and many of you are experiencing growing pains.  This is normal and natural and absolutely nothing to be feared. No spirit leaves his or her physical form before they are ready.  All things are divinely timed, even when they do not feel that way.  Many souls are freeing themselves to make space for a new and brighter energy.  Their time on this earth is over for now.  But the seeds they have planted will serve the eternity and beyond. 

For some of us, the seeds we planted years ago are flowering now.  Yet some of these flowers feel more like weeds.  It is your job to tend to your own, divine garden.  Release those things that no longer serve:  The fears, the resentments, the judgments. The misunderstandings and limitations. The energy is ripe now for your own awakening.  The time has come.  And you are so very ready to begin to manifest the rich and plentiful garden of your dreams.  There are no restrictions.  Only your own divine readiness and inspired imagination.  All is well.  The brush is in your hand.  Time to paint your own uniquely beautiful masterpiece. 

Be at peace my dear ones.  All is well and right with your world.  Find the hidden riches in this experience.  You are all beings of light.  You are all made of God’s loving awareness.  We will get through this.

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