Victoriaʼs insights helped me to better understand my childrenʼs needs and to connect with them in a more genuine and satisfying way. She was also helpful in identifying food sensitivities in my baby and making suggestions as to what he could tolerate. Iʼm grateful for the work we have done together as it has really helped me to be a better parent!
– M.M., Long Island, NY

Victoria’s intuitive consultations helped me to see the best approach to dealing with my daughter’s learning disability, and to find the inner strength to handle the situation in a much more positive way. Victoria’s work gave my family hope and peace, while reaching our goals.
– J.C., Westchester, NY

The sessions definitely helped me become more self-aware and allowed me to reflect on my life and the decisions I make. I loved that the messages were so positive although there are obviously things I need to work on!
– C.B., Westchester, NY

Victoria made me more aware of my inner core which helped my yoga practice and life. Her kind nature and caring spirit came through in my reading. She is direct and honest but always friendly and supportive.
– S.F., Brooklyn, NY

Victoria is my go-to person for help in making important decisions. Instead of giving a simple “yes” or “no” answer, she will amazingly and intuitively tap into the energy of the situation, and bring up aspects that I have never considered. I love that she has classical, clinical training – and combines it with intuitive insight that you could never get from a book. She is kind and supportive and allows everyone to be exactly where they are. 
– R.F., Portland, OR