Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
I use my intuition to tap into the universal source of truth and knowledge as well as to communicate with highly evolved spirit guides and angels. In this way, I can receive information about pre-birth planning (your soul’s intention in choosing this particular incarnation), past and present lives. Where appropriate, I can also call on my guides to work with you directly to achieve your goals.

Are you psychic?
If by “psychic” you mean do I access information that goes beyond the intellect and/or that which can be received through the five senses then yes, I am psychic. I prefer to use the term intuitive because it emphasizes tapping into the universal sources of knowing, rather than reading minds or predicting the future which are not my primary goals.

What can I expect from a typical session?
Every session is different because each individual is unique, and your needs may vary considerably during different periods in your life and even from one session to the next. That said sessions typically consist of an intuitive reading, followed by a discussion of this reading with the client. The messages are always positive and life affirming, and will support you in making important decisions, maintaining optimal health, and living this life to its fullest.

What do you mean by “spirit guides?”
My guides are highly evolved spirits who are here to support me on my personal journey as a teacher, healer, and helper. Spirit guides may also be individuals whom we have known in this incarnation but have passed on, as well as angels and saints, and other divine beings. What is important is to recognize that this guidance is available to all of us, throughout our lives. My work is to connect my clients with this divine source of wisdom and support.

Can I get a recording of the session?
Although I do not record the sessions, you are welcome to do so. Some of my clients take advantage IPhone applications to record our calls. Others put the calls on speaker phone so that they can record the conversations with conventional recording devices.