So often in spiritual circles, we hear things like “you chose your parents” or “you choose your experiences.”  But, of course, we all experience things that don’t seem like we would have chosen them. In this episode, we explore the topic of choice, where it can be a challenging concept, and the difference between choosing as a human and a spirit.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • In spiritual teachings, we hear about having a choice when it can feel like you don’t.  There is a difference between making choices consciously and unconsciously and a lot of times we don’t even realize we are making decisions from an unconscious place. (1:30)
  • Choice is really about learning how to take the reins away from the unconscious mind and become increasingly more aware and conscious of how we are creating our reality. (3:20)
  • Consciousness is your field of awareness in which all things occur. This includes your thoughts,  feelings, and experiences.  In the highest sense you are also aware and fully connected to your highest and truest spiritual self. (5:46)
  • It’s ok if our human selves don’t always like the spiritual choices that our souls have made.  For example, spiritually speaking, we choose our parents to learn lessons and to evolve.  When we are teenagers and are annoyed or angry with our parents, that choice may not feel good at the moment. (11:33)
  • Before we were born, our higher self and spirit guides worked together to choose most of the milestone moments in our lives which your human self may not be completely on board with.  When we can accept that we are not just human and there is a bigger plan serving us, we can be in a space of co-creating. (13:01)

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